Funeral and Wake

Castlereagh Funeral and Wake Package

  • Professional Fees
  • Transfer 24hrs/7days within Sydney Metro Area
  • Mortuary Care and fees
  • Polished Coffin (several colour choices)
  • Cremation Fee
  • Cremation Certificate and Medical Referee Fee
  • Death Registration and Death Certificate
  • Floral casket cover
  • Celebrant Fee
  • Venue hire for both funeral service and wake
  • Catering for wake
  • Condolence Book
  • Ashes returned to family

We get many requests for an all in one funeral and wake venue and are pleased to announce we have partnered with the Historic Castlereagh Conference Centre. Located in a peaceful setting on the banks of the Penrith Lakes, the site includes the original Uniting Church built by John Lees in 1847, but includes a more recently added Conference Centre as well as a commercial Kitchen and Dining Room.
In conjunction with the Conference Centre Management, we have compiled a number of different options:
You may wish to choose a funeral service in the Church or prefer the conference centre (where Audio Visual is available). Both are available for Christian and Non Religious services.
Either option can be followed by a wake held in the dining room and guests can enjoy the landscaped gardens. We can also arrange for catering with packages starting as low as $13.00p/p, depending on your desired inclusions.

Benefits of an all in one venue in Castlereagh:

– Ease of not having to travel between the funeral service and a wake venue. 
– No loss time between the funeral service and the wake, allowing more people to stay.
– Catch up and share memories within the tranquil surrounds. 
– Exclusive use of the venue.
– Local to the Penrith area. 
– Easy parking


Castlereagh Conference Centre is the historic spot of the second church built at Castlereagh by John Lees in 1819.
In 1817 John Lees built the first Wesleyan Methodist Church next to his farmhouse. As attendance grew it became evident for the need of a new larger chapel. Marked out in front is the historic spot of the approximate location of this second chapel built by John Lees in 1819.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. There are a few circumstances when a body needs to be embalmed. These are if the body is being repatriated or travelling interstate, having an above ground interment in a crypt or a vault or if the funeral is being delayed. On occasions, the embalming process may enhance the look of the deceased for viewing although in most circumstances this is not necessary.

Music is a personal choice and should have special meaning to your loved one. For services held in a Church, most people would choose hymns and maybe include a modern piece for during a photo slideshow or for exiting the Church. For example, we would highly recommend a singer for a Catholic Mass to add to the tradition and so that all the relevant parts of the mass can be sung.

There are few funeral services that are as sensitive or as personal as those provided by your funeral director. Our role is to make sure your wishes, and, if known the wishes of the deceased, are carried out…just the way they should be. The role of a funeral director and our services to you:
Advice and assistance 24hrs / 7 days a week
Transfer of the deceased from the place of death into our care
Mortuary care in our own facility
Liaison with hospital, doctors or coroner
Guidance for your family through the funeral arranging process
Assistance with the selection and purchase of a coffin or casket
Liaising with churches, cemeteries and crematoriums
Registration of death and other necessary documentation
Placement of newspaper notices
Liaising with clergy or a civil celebrant
Liaising with florists, musicians, funeral stationery and other service providers
Necessary staff and vehicles on the day of the funeral
Grief support available to all families

This depends on several factors. The doctor’s or coroner’s confirmation and the issuing of the necessary paperwork, availability of venues such as churches or crematorium chapels, availability of clergy, celebrants, singers etc and whether the family chooses to have orders of service, mass booklets and photo slideshow tributes. Generally, most families are able to have the funeral within 5 to 7 days of meeting with us.

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss pre-planning your funeral service on 02 4722 8222.  We are happy to sit down with you and provide you with all the options.