Cremation Services

With their cost affordability, low environmental impact, and adoption by most religious beliefs – Cremation Services are a popular choice among many people. There are many options when choosing a cremation.

Types of Cremation Services and Choosing the Right Venue

Often choosing the right venue can depend on whether you wish to have a religious or civil service.

Crematorium Chapel
The funeral service and cremation both occur at the same location, for example using Pinegrove Memorial Park.

Church Service with Private Cremation

This is where you can have the funeral service in your regular church or a church of your choosing. Your loved one is taken to the crematorium for a private cremation.  You will farewell your loved one as they leave the church.

Church Service with Committal Service
The funeral service is held in a church and then the congregation follow onto a crematorium for the Committal Service.  This option means you will also need to hire a Chapel at the Crematorium.

Nepean Belle Paddlewheeler with Private Cremation
We are the only funeral directors with an exclusive agreement to use the Nepean Belle Paddlewheeler for a funeral service.  Following the service, your loved one is taken to a crematorium for a private cremation.  The funeral guests can stay onboard and enjoy a catered cruise and the sharing of memories. Find out more at on the website

Other Venue with Private Cremation
A funeral service is held at a venue such as a golf club or community hall and then you will farewell your loved one as they leave for private cremation.

No Service Cremation
Also known as a private cremation, no funeral service is held.  Your loved one is taken from the place they pass to our mortuary and then to a private crematorium for cremation.  The ashes are then returned to you.

A Respectful and Personalised Cremation Memorial

Most cemeteries regardless of whether they have an onsite crematorium, offer niches and garden memorials for the interment of cremated remains. Ashes can also be placed within a family grave.   Memorials serve as a permanent resting place for individuals, which are regularly maintained so future generations can visit and pay their respects.  As an alternative, you may wish to keep the ashes with you and we can assist in the purchase of a suitable urn if requested.  Ashes can also be scattered, but there are some regulations which you will need to be aware of.

Below is a list of Crematoria with Chapels.


  • Pinegrove Memorial Park, Minchinbury
  • Castlebrook Memorial Park, Rouse Hill
  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Leppington
  • Rookwood Memorial Gardens
  • Northern Suburbs Crematorium, North Ryde*
  • Lake Macquarie Memorial Park, Ryhope


  • Leura Memorial Gardens
  • Palmdale Memorial Park, Ourimbah*
  • Bathurst Crematorium

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries

  • Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park
  • Woronora Memorial Park*

Northern Cemeteries

  • Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium*

Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria

  • Rookwood Catholic *

*Includes lounge area and catering.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is illegal and as such modern cremation chambers are designed to accommodate only one coffin at a time.

Yes, it is the law. All persons must be in a coffin or casket for cremation to occur.

No, the deceased is either buried or cremated in the coffin that the family has chosen.

Yes, this occurs regularly. Most cemeteries have allowances for cremated remains to be placed in burial sites. If the person who wishes to be cremated passes first, often the ashes are held by the family until the spouse passes and are then placed in the coffin prior to burial. The cemetery must be advised in all cases so that records are correct and appropriate inscriptions can include both persons on the headstone.

This is completely a personal choice, either way it is important that your wishes are communicated with your family to save them making this difficult decision on your behalf.

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