The First 24 Hours

We are here to support and guide you 24hrs / 7 days. Call 02 4722 8222 to speak to an owner of our company.   

What needs to happen will depend on whether the death was expected and where the person passed away.  Below is some information to assist.

Aged Care Facility / Private Hospital

As many Aged Care facilities do not have a holding facility, the staff will ask you which Funeral Director you would like your loved one to be transferred to. Often the Aged Care facility will have already spoken to you and have details on file. Their staff will contact us and we will arrange transfer of your loved one into our care. This can be arranged 24hrs / 7 days.

Public Hospital

If your loved one has passed in a public hospital, there is no rush and you are not under any pressure. The hospital will arrange all the relevant paperwork and transfer your loved one to their mortuary facilities within the hospital. You will need to decide on which funeral director you wish to use and make contact. If you choose us, you will need to sign an authority to have your loved one transferred into our care.

At Home (Expected)

Contact the doctor or palliative care nurse to arrange the required medical certification. You can call us and we can assist you on what needs to happen. It is preferred that a doctor see your loved one before the transfer occurs.


Usually, an Ambulance is likely to attend. The Ambulance Officer can verify the death and will contact the Police, if they are not already present. Your loved one will be transferred by the Police Government Contractor to the Coroner’s facility at Lidcombe. The Coroner may be requested to determine the cause of death. Once we are contacted, we will assist you through the coronial process and bring your loved one into our care once they have been released by the Coroner.


Frequently Asked Questions

What needs to happen will depend on whether the death was expected and where the person passed away. We are here to help and can be contacted on 02 47228 222 (24hrs/7days). Please check out The First 24 Hours for further information.

This is a completely personal choice.   Either way it is important that your wishes are communicated with your family to save them making this difficult decision on your behalf.

There are few services that are as sensitive or as personal as those provided by your funeral director. Our role is to make sure your wishes and, if known, the wishes of the deceased are carried out…just the way they should be. The role of a funeral director and our services to you:
Advice and assistance 24hrs / 7 days a week
Transfer of the deceased from the place of death into our care
Mortuary care in our own facility
Liaison with hospital, doctors or Coroner
Guidance for your family through the funeral arranging process
Assistance with the selection and purchase of a coffin or casket
Liaising with churches, cemeteries and crematoria
Registration of death and other necessary documentation
Placement of newspaper notices
Liaising with clergy or a civil celebrant
Liaising with florists, musicians, funeral stationery and other service providers
Necessary staff and vehicles on the day of the funeral
Grief support available to all families

The funeral director will complete the relevant information required by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages with the family at the initial arrangement.  The Registry will issue the Death Certificate pursuant to the funeral service.